Privacy Policy

The security and proper use of personal data is crucial to both our customers and BGTransfer. Therefore, it is important for our customers to understand why and how we process their personal information.

This Privacy Statement is intrinsically linked to the BGTransfer Terms of Service. It does not regulate rights and obligations, but aims to explain to customers what personal data we process in connection with the provision of transport services (eg. transfers between airports and hotels, etc.), why and how we process it, including when we need to disclose personal data to third parties. It also provides information about the rights that customers have in relation to the processing of personal data by BGTransfer.

This Privacy Statement applies to personal data that BGTransfer collects and processes in connection with the services provided by the company. It does not apply when customers visit the BGTransfer website.

For the sake of clarity and convenience for customers, in many places of this Privacy Statement there are examples that illustrate why and/or how BGTransfer processes the customer’s personal data.

These examples are not exhaustive.

The information we collect:

This website is managed by BGTransfer (brand of AUTO RENTAL BG Ltd). In connection with our work, it is possible to collect a certain type of information for visitors to the page:

  • Personal information. It is provided by you when using the services we offer. examples of these services are emails, campaigns, or events. Providing this information is optional, but some of our services are not available if you do not provide this information.
  • Combined data. This data is generated by our system while tracking website traffic. This information does not identify you and is not related in any way to the personal information you may have provided.

Who we share this information with:

  • The information is kept on the servers of our hosting providers.The agreements we have with them protect the information we collect from unauthorized use.
  • Aggregate data is not shared with third parties, such as advertisers and business partners.
  • We do not share information with third parties except with your prior consent.
  • Your personal information may only be disclosed to third parties when we are required to do so under the law.

What we do with personal information:

We collect personal information to provide you with the best services in using our website.
We can use the information you provide to us with the following purposes:

  • To process the transactions you can make on our page.
  • To provide you with the services you have selected.
  • To offer you the information best suited to you and your interests.
  • To carry out marketing campaigns, promotions, and market research.

How long do we store customer privacy:

  • BGTransfer stores your customers’ personal data for as long as necessary to comply with the requirements of the law.
  • In order to meet our tax and accounting obligations, data about our customers is stored for a period of 4.5 years from the date of the service rendered by BGTransfer. Once the deadlines for processing personal data have expired, they are deleted / destroyed unless required for pending court, arbitration, administrative or enforcement proceedings.
  • BGTransfer is endeavoring to ensure that processed customer data is updated (and corrected if necessary) and that no data is stored that is not necessary to achieve the objectives described above.


A cookie is a small file that is on your computer and is recognized by the server when you visit our website. The cookie does not give us your personal information. It sends us information about your IP address, the operating system you are using (Windows, Mac, etc.), the web browser (Firefox, Chrome и др.) and from which domain you visited our page. This information helps us to:

  • We track the traffic on our page.
  • We are sure to show you the most relevant content.

If you prefer not to use cookies for our website, you can disable them from your web browser settings or delete them from your hard disk. You will still be able to visit our website.

Joining and quitting:

  • You will always have the opportunity to request or opt out of our services. This means that at any time you can change your mind whether to use our services.

Right to access information:

  • Customers are entitled to receive from BGTransfer information on whether personal data relating to them is being processed. If so, customers have the right to access the relevant data.
  • If the personal data processed by BGTransfer is inaccurate or out of date, customers may request BGTransfer to correct it.

Changes to Terms:

  • This Privacy Statement is up-to-date on 01.01.2020.
  • This Privacy Statement may be amended or supplemented due to a change in the applicable legislation, at the initiative of BGTransfer, of customers or a competent authority (eg. Personal Data Protection Commission).

BGTransfer informs customers of the amendments or additions to this Privacy Statement within not less than 30 (thirty) days prior to their entry into force, by means of:

  • Publishing the updated Privacy Statement on the BGTransfer website –
  • It is recommended that users periodically review the most up-to-date version of this Privacy Statement on the BGTransfer website.